What Readers Say

“Tim Chambers is a fellow artist who creates beautiful paintings, not in spite of—but because of—his weakness. His personal story and amazing works of art show us all how to lay before our great Creator our own limitations, for only in doing so can the Master Artist have his way with his brushstrokes across our lives. Tim’s inspiring story will touch your heart!” ~ JONI EARECKSON TADA - Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“I know and respect Tim Chambers. I deeply appreciate his artistic gifts and skills, his desire to honor God, and how he has faced significant adversity. I commend Tim as an artist and a person.” ~ RANDY ALCORN - Author of Heaven, If God Is Good, and Happiness

“Tim Chambers and his incredible talents have been a part of Prison Fellowship since he painted the masterful portrait of our founder, the late Charles Colson. That portrait still hangs in the main corridor of the Prison Fellowship Guest House—greeting hundreds of visitors to our complex each year. Despite Tim’s physical limitations, he continues to use his talents to glorify God and expand His kingdom. His latest creation is this magnificent adult coloring book, which will bring hope to our incarcerated men and women. As the Lord told us to ‘remember those in prison,’ we celebrate Tim’s latest creation which will minister directly to each one of them.” ~ JAMES ACKERMAN - President and CEO, Prison Fellowship

“There is no adult coloring book I can recommend more than my good friend Tim Chambers’ Seeing Beautiful ! It’s the perfect combination of coloring yourself happy and feeding your soul with beauty!” ~ TRACY KLICKA - Director of Development, Homeschool Foundation

Seeing Beautiful is wonderful! I am more a math and numbers person and am usually overwhelmed with many of the adult coloring books offered because they are so detailed that I don't know where to begin. But this book, with its tips and inspiring verses and quotes give me the courage to try a suggested technique and put some color on a page. ~ M. Clifton

I really enjoyed the Art Tips throughout the book. They gave great, easy to follow steps and demonstrations on how to take coloring beyond just filling in the lines. It makes the experience more like creating art than merely a coloring the page. ~ Kimberly H.

I think your coloring book is wonderful and so much more than just a coloring book.I enjoyed your story and your art is amazing! Love your tips and the finished and partially finished pages where you show how it should look. ~ Donie F.

I love the variety of coloring pages. Something for everyone and every mood. Just seeing all the different coloring page styles made me want to break out my coloring supplies and get started! ~ M. Harris

Seeing Beautiful” provides such a fun experience for me to reflect on God’s glory in thought and inspiration….and then to take that with me as I create with color! I LOVE LOVE the Art Tips to guide me along as I experiment with shading and color! It’s fun to have a confident nudge in a new direction thru the tips as I bring my own ideas and colors to life on a given page. I look forward to trying all of them and I have to say it’s so relaxing, too. :) ~ Pam K.

This is not your standard coloring book...Seeing Beautiful goes well beyond mindless coloring. It broadens your expectations of what is possible. Finding that you are capable of creating artwork worthy of framing with the guidance ofTim's instruction is inspiring! Tim is excellent at teaching you simple drawing techniques that will give your piece artist-quality work. Creating a personal work of art is attainable with Seeing Beautiful!It really is an awesome book. I was truly inspired! ~ A. Urban

You won't believe how much you learn from the art lessons that are included in Seeing Beautiful. Timothy Chambers has a life story that is woven into every page that will encourage you to live your life to it's fullest. Inspirational, instructional, beautiful and fun! ~ Lea Ann

I am thrilled to see the much anticipated Seeing Beautiful finally here!!! It has been an amazing journey for Tim in many ways. I knew it would be very well written and illustrated as I know Tim's work first hand, but I have to say I was in AWE of how beautifully it was done and the inspirational quotes and stories from Tim's life journey. I can't wait to get started on mine, and I know all my family and friends will be excited to start their experience in reading and their hand at art! Tim is a gifted artist and I truly appreciate his creation of Seeing Beautiful. ~ Rhonda N.

Seeing Beautiful is not only a wonderful coloring book for adults, it comes with a heartfelt story from an amazing artist, and wonderful quotes throughout to motivate. It is truly inspired and inspirational. I will be buying more copies as gifts for those I love. And, a free online coloring course is included in the very inexpensive price! ~ Beth N.