Meet Tim

Timothy Jerome Chambers, author of Seeing Beautiful, is a life-long artist,  having grown up amidst the scents, dust, and beautiful paintings of his father’s Chicago studio.  Exhibiting a passion for drawing, he was trained by his dad,  William Chambers, and later with other exemplary artists  Cedric EgeliJoanette Hoffman EgeliHenry Hensche,  Richard Lack, and Sebastian Capella,  all part of the great heritage of American master painters. Solid draftsmanship established him among the world’s best portraitists, and his foray into Impressionism with Henry  Hensche sets his colorful landscapes and portraits apart from the crowd. Few artists are able to  marry color and draftsmanship in such a passionate embrace; among portraitists this is a rarity.  Tim is also the author of two books:  Portraits: Discovering Techniques For Approaching Formal Paintings and  Seeing Beautiful and the founder of  Iguana Art Academy.

Tim believes an artist can speak all languages with his or her paintbrush. “Having the ability to speak to anyone and everyone is a welcome opportunity and burden of sorts. My desire is to speak a message of hope to a world seeking it, and I believe that if I can convey either a glimpse of beauty of truth, I just may stir someone’s heart to smile or to act.”  Tim speaks from experience when it comes to finding hope; he suffers from a degenerative hearing and vision disease, and is legally blind. “I can see what I am looking at,” says Tim, and “I realize I have a choice of what I see and how I respond to life.” He puts his heart, mind, and hands into his work, and it shows.  As an art juror said of Tim’s work: “This artist sees the world beautifully.” 

Seeing Beautiful was born out of Tim’s outlook and experience, both as an artist and as a fellow  human being seeking meaning and beauty in this life. Read through the book’s pages and you’ll find  stories and quotes that have inspired Tim to see beautiful in everyday life. As Tim says, “Life can  be hard, sometimes more than others, and we need to have a hope strong enough to carry us through  those times. If we can find something beautiful to smile about, cling to, look forward to, it helps  put the present circumstances in perspective so we can rejoice rather than recoil. I hope Seeing  Beautiful gives people something to celebrate and smile about.”

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